I Might Be An Expert At Designing, Building, And Executing Million-Dollar Publicity Campaigns... But If You Were To Take Away The Tools I'm About To Show You, It Wouldn't Matter How Creative And Potent My Press Releases Were... I'd Be Dead In The Water.

 “You have a good story, a hot product, and a well-written press release... but now what? How do you find the editors, the reporters, the talk show hosts and the producers who are just sitting there, waiting for a story like yours?”

"Discover The Exact Tools You'll Need To Build The Same Kind Of Targeted, Accurate, And Very Profitable Media Contact Lists That I've Used To Launch Many Successful (And Sometimes Famous) Publicity Campaigns."

From: Paul Hartunian

Dear friend,

It’s one of the most common problems entrepreneurs have when they launch a publicity campaign. Where do you send your release? How do you know who to send it to? How do you find those media contacts that are right for your release?

This is what I see many uninformed entrepreneurs do:

They write a press release. It might be an excellent release... but then they go onto a free press-release distribution website and throw up their release, hoping for the best.

Have entrepreneurs gotten good media attention this way? Sure. Not often, but yes it can happen.

But let me tell you this:

If this is your entire "strategy" for getting real media attention, then you're throwing away easy money.

Even those people who can find one or two editors to pick up their release from one of these sites... they’re touching only a miniscule fraction of the kind of media attention they could easily be getting if they knew how to build a real media contact list like I do on a regular basis.

Let me tell you something else. Getting media attention is really not hard. It's not rocket science. It's not some kind of mysterious secret that’s guarded behind lock-and-key. All you'll have to do is look where I tell you to look, and look how I tell you...

And you'll do just fine (well... a lot more than just fine).

Let me take this one step further.

When I show you exactly how to access these simple strategies and straight-forward tools, you’ll never have to worry again about finding an impressively large list of targeted, up-to-date media contacts.

It doesn't matter if you've revolutionized the motorcycle, you’re selling heart-shaped homemade soaps or anything in between… I’m going to show you how to make sure you get your press release in front of the most important media contacts in your list.



"Paul - Here are a few of the successes I've had using your system: KLBJ radio, Austin, Texas - 15 minutes turned into 50 minutes.  I picked up 157 appointments, closed 22 out of 23 last week - my biggest week in my 2 year history.  Over $13,000 in fees generated in one week!!!  I'd take that in a month!

 Front page - full featured article in West Austin News.  Inside cover - 1/2 page featured article in Upscale Austin magazine.

 2 more radio shows, 1 TV show and 2 more newspaper 'features' to go!

 Paul, it only gets better doing what you say to do.  Thanks!"

      Mike Coy, President, CA$H For College




"Let Me Tell You Something You Might Not Know Yet."

The media - all they way from your local newspaper all the way up to the Tonight Show - needs you.

Let me say that again.

The media needs you.

By getting your press release to the right people at the right time... not only are you taking advantage of what my own success has proven over and over again to be, hands down, the most powerful way to grow a long-lasting business...

But you’re actually helping everyone from your local radio talk show host - all the way to the Oprahs and Geraldos of the world - continue to survive and make money.

Without people like you, they would have to close shop.

My first publicity campaign ( when I "sold" the Brooklyn Bridge) got me about 8 minutes of air-time with Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show. Can you imagine what that was worth?

You might think... "Wow, Paul what a privilege! You're so lucky!"

No! If it weren't for people like me (and you), the Tonight Show would go right off the air! They need you... just like you need them!



"For years I've watched enviously as my competitors have gotten super press coverage for their businesses while my company got very little.  I waded through piles of books on PR and never passed up an article on the subject, but little of the advice made much sense and none of it worked.

 Paul, Your material is a whole different story!

 Just one of the many ideas you shared helped me to create a simple lead generation system that nets me between $2,500 and $3,500 per month like clockwork and I've barely got going with it...

When I think of the misguided companies that spend thousands of dollars on "professional" PR advice, I have to laugh. 

     Ken McCarthy, President of E-Media




"But Do You Know How?"

I don't know you, your business, or your story. But it really doesn't matter who you are or what you're about. Because there are hundreds of media contacts who would love (no... who need) to get their hands on your story.

Stop for a second, and assume that I’m not about to give you the exact tools I use for every publicity campaign I run...

Would you have any idea how you would find good contacts? Do you have any real notion of where to find contacts that aren't out of date? That in itself can be quite a challenge if you don't know where to go.

If you don't have these tools at your disposal you're going to do one of three things:

1. You'll try and figure out the best places to look are (just to give you an idea... it took me years to compile this comprehensive list)

2. You'll needlessly pay someone thousands of dollars to do it for you.

3. You'll just give up, convince yourself that free publicity doesn't really work, and go back to throwing your money on less-than-ideal advertising.

Admit it, none of those are very attractive.

"How To Find Enough Media Contacts To Last A Lifetime: The Comprehensive Guide To Unearthing Every Media Contact You'll Ever Need."




 In Just 17 Hard-Hitting, Tightly-Written Pages
I’m Going To Show You:


  • How to effortlessly craft a complete contact list that will get you cozy with the most important and the most crucial  media contacts you can find.


  • How to avoid a critical mistake most entrepreneurs make right after they’re done writing their press release (Do this... and you might as well have written a junk press release. It’ll produce the same results).


  • A simple strategy for uncovering many of those media “hidden gems” who literally need your story... all the press that’s just waiting for you to finally find them (I mean this one’s real simple...)


  • A comprehensive guide to every single online publicity resource worth mentioning (You’ll start to understand that I wasn't joking when I said this has taken countless hours to refine and perfect).


  • How to sidestep the easily avoidable headache that’s responsible for so many entrepreneurs giving up out of sheer frustration (I actually don’t blame them for this one... if you don’t know how to sidestep this... it really will suck your patience dry).


  • A little secret I know to track how successful your press release is... so you know what works and what will keep killing your chances of getting easy access to a lot of free press.


  • How any entrepreneur with any kind of budget can find the kind of press release distribution that will have reporters and editors calling you the next day. (Some of the best services are free... but you choose the wrong one and absolutely nothing will happen).


  • How to sift through your list and decide which contacts you would be crazy to ignore... and which contacts that will just waste your time.


  • The one website (I call it “the smoking gun”) that has been responsible for launching quite a few wildly successful publicity campaigns... my own included.


  • And even more of those “time-tested, hardcore free-press strategies” I’m famous for.



"That's More Than Enticing Paul, But..."

Stop. Before you get nervous about how much I'm going to ask from you... Think about this:

How much do you think your business would grow if you knew how to get your story in front of the right people? How many new leads would you get? How much easier would it be to brand your image, your business, your product? And yes... how much more money would you make?

There are only two reasons you should leave this site without getting your copy of this special strategy report. The first is because you have two dollars to your name (hard to believe if you're in business, but hey... anything's possible)... or because you absolutely hate me, don't trust me, and think I'm a fraud... and in that case, I don't take it personally, but you should obviously have no reason to be here...

But if you're serious about your business... I mean serious enough to really think about what this can do for your success... then you won't flinch (in fact you'll be pretty darn happy) when I tell you that you're going to only make a $39 investment.

Why only $39?

Look, I'm not doing this for the money. I live on a 25 acre ranch, with a beautiful pool, a pond with ducks, landscaped gardens everywhere, a separate guest house... I'm more than comfortable.

I’m doing this because I know how happy I would have been (and how much time I would have saved) if someone had been kind enough to give this to me.


If you own my Million Dollar Publicity Kit, look at page 7 of the "Media Manual". If the words "How To Find Enough Media Contacts To Last a Lifetime" are at the top of the page, you already have this report. In the most recent editions of the "Media Manual", this report is included at no charge. Do not order it here again.

If you don't own my Publicity Kit or if you have an older edition of the "Media Manual" you should order this report now.

So what's the next step? It's simple:

Get this comprehensive guide to building a very effective (and profitable) media contact list. Get it now. You're going to click on the link below. You're going to make your small investment. And you're going to leverage my experience and my success to really take your business to a whole new level. And you're going to thank me later.

Get it as an instant download right now:

To your imminent media frenzy,

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P.S. Make sure you see the big picture. Make sure you really understand what you're getting your hands on. Make sure that you really get that these tools and strategies I'm giving you have been used to build modest fortunes for many people... including my own.

You will never have to worry about trying (and failing) to find the right media contacts for your publicity campaign, as you will use these tools over and over and over again.

Get them here:


"$70,000  worth of sales in less than 5 months with ZERO advertising costs...I will never do it another way...Thank you, thank you, thank you for the guidance and information you have provided me.  What you have WORKS!!!"

     Phil Maynard, President, Mountain Meadow Enterprises, Inc.